Jun 20, 2012

And In the Beginning Was the Speculator

I’m addressing you out of common courtesy, said the Investor. I’ve been parked in the magnetic field long enough to know how you think. United Nations, you call yourselves. Well -- to me you’re squatters.

There are a few reasonable members of your species; maybe we can do business.


Inspired by the video below.

I almost called this prompt "Second Coming of the Original Landlord," which then suggested "What Landlord Slouches Towards Bethlehem?"

But sometimes I'm afraid of being too cryptic and what's more, not everybody reads Yeats on a daily basis.

Think of the alien Investor I portrayed as someone almost unthinkably old and civilized. As Bill Maher once remarked, civilized people don't kill each other, they sue each other. You could also describe him as a space-faring turbocapitalist.
So his attitude could be summed up as, 'you overproud apes be reasonable and vacate my property before I bring the full force of intergalactic law down on you.'

Here's some historical background on land speculation.

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