Jun 22, 2012

3 Radical Science-Fiction Scenarios You Can Play With

As I pointed out before, most of the time I work under a self-imposed restriction: My prompts must be 50 words or less.

Not all ideas can be corseted like that. More breathing room is required. So here I am breaking my own mold once again because, you know what, variety’s the spice of life.


Government on a Jupiter moon is run by 9-year-old psychopaths. Grass roots movement opposes psychopathic government. Aliens arrive on the scene with unreadable intentions, stay in orbit, do not attempt to communicate. 9-year-olds decide to turn their guns on the alien craft. Hilarity ensues.


We humans have evolved to become perfect empaths, adept at reading body language and verbal cues. Everyone is rich and successful because we’re all very open, accepting, dynamic and generous. Social exclusion and individual isolation are things of the past, because you can always find someone who’s passionate about the same things you are.

One 16-year-old girl shocks everyone by undergoing a surgical procedure that will leave her blind, deaf and dumb for six months.


A Siberian shaman, having died three thousand years ago, is reborn as a character in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG). He doesn’t understand why certain words must come out of his mouth when odd “people” approach him, nor why he must supply them with an endless stream of objects created from nothing in exchange for yellow circles that flash into being for a moment and then disappear.

Programmers panic and a virtual town plunges into chaos when the shaman decides to leave his shop and engage with the players – in rather unconventional ways.

Fortune by Ruben Ireland

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