May 17, 2012

What's Good on the Internet Today? Random Acts of Kindness, That's What

One of the bestest things I ever found online is The Bookshelf Muse, home to the Emotion Thesaurus.

Now, Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi, who have already given so much, are taking their generosity to new heights with a great initiative: Random Acts of Kindness.

Angela & Becca write "...we believe that the writing community is the best of the best. Filled with people who support and educate, we all learn and grow together."

I couldn't agree more. All of us writers-bloggers-readers are an ecosystem. 

"Today let's forget about the hitches and bumps on the writer's road and instead enjoy the great relationships we've built. A bit of kindness goes a long way, so we encourage you to use this as a reason to give the nod to your blog followers for visiting, your betas for reading, and thank any published authors who have offered you encouragement and counsel when you need it."

Oh, did I say there are prizes involved? Jump straight to Random Acts of Kindness Day 4.


I was the recipient of an unexpected (of course it was unexpected! It was random, you know?) act of kindness from the ever-gracious Ruth Long of the Bullish Ink blog. Only yesterday Ruth published her entry for National Flash Fiction Day.

Let me titillate you with a choice line: "When she rises from the water clothed only in twilight, the pirate stands waiting for her."


OK, now here's one for the fantasy writers among us. Science in My Fiction is discussing low-tech antiseptics, which is a great topic to learn about if you don't want to pack the story full of "temple healers."

Too much magic breaks the world, you know.


In other news, I've been hooked on Radiolab these days, and they have this fascinating episode on mutant rights. Are X-Men action figures 'toys' or 'dolls'? Find out how two lawyers tried to persuade the US government that the X-Men aren't human -- to save one of their biggest clients a lot of money.


On the art front, Nick Edwards has been turning out these really weird sketches -- which I find absolutely engrossing. 

Undiluted madness by Nick Edwards.

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