May 18, 2012

Three Custom Nightmares at Your Disposal

Autumn 1
I don't usually go for the kind of prompt that urges you to "write about" this or that. 

The thing is, I work under a self-imposed limitation on the word count; it's always fifty words or less. Some white-hot ideas can't be poured into such a narrow mold. That's why I'm breaking out of the straitjacket for a change.

OK, why "Three Custom Nightmares"? The answer's really simple. The three story premises I'm about to give you are clearly of the file-under-paranormal family. Also, the protagonists find themselves in nightmarish predicaments. 

Shall we begin this dreadful tour?

One. Write about a dog walker that starts seeing through a dog’s eyes. Over time, something draws her deeper and deeper into the dog’s consciousness until she fears for her sanity — and what's worse, the voice of a dead mother calls out to her through the dog's mind, begging her to rescue a three-year-old girl in a town she’s never even heard of.

Two. Write about a researcher in the near future who uses several self-directed avatars to conduct online interviews — and learns that one of his avatars is working to destroy his credibility and reputation.

Three. Write about a witch house duo who accidentally summon the three-dimensional shadow of a meta-being during a live performance and must now plug the hole they created before
a) the being decompiles all the neighborhood
b) rival programs leak into our reality through the hole, threatening further annihilation
c) breakfast. They would have to banish the meta-being before sunrise.

This is what witch house sounds like. [1][2][3]

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