May 18, 2012

James Killick Can Prove to You that Pants and Plots are the Same Thing

#RAOK is still on at The Bookshelf Muse and I have one of my own to perform.

So here's a shoutout to writer and fellow blogger James Killick for being as candid as he is. Like me, James thinks a lot about what you need to do before you begin a story. The moment I started reading his blog, I just knew -- here's a guy who doesn't believe in easy fixes. Here's someone who puts as much faith in hard work as he does in talent.

Just take a look at his Five Things the Writing Experts Won't Tell You:

"The second draft can be shittier than the first," he says, "particularly if it's your first work and you decide to follow all that advice everyone is falling over themselves to give you."

Or this gem from Five Brutal Truths About Feedback on Writing:

"It’s easy to have an opinion. It’s easy to say you don’t like something. It’s easy to think you know what you’re talking about. What’s hard is not just saying that something doesn’t work but understanding and expressing why it doesn’t work."

Oh, and if you want to ruin a good story?

"Have the best bits happen off-page."

James Killick deserves:
a) more readers
b) more readers
c) more readers
d) more reader feedback
c) recognition & gratitude.

Wrapping it up: Yes, pants and plots are indeed the same thing.

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