Apr 19, 2012

What's Good on the Internet Today? Self-publishing & Business Edition

The entropic photos of Jim Kazanjian
Found via DesignSoak


 One of my favorite authors, ‘anti-fantasist’ M. John Harrison, claims that “[w]orldbuilt fantasy is over-engineered & under-designed.” He’s half-right, because nobody’s perfect.


1. If you’re a self-published author in need of a font that would look great on your book cover, I’d like to suggest Quicksand. It’s free for commercial use.

 2. Are you a smart self-published author? You need to read this. Over at The Bookshelf Muse, there’s an invaluable Q&A with writer and cover designer Scarlett Rutgers (pen name, Scarlett Archer) - Ask a Cover Designer - Answers!


“Work Begets Work” 

A fascinating glimpse into Jim Coudal’s approach to doing work you’re proud of. Any other kind, he says, will “eat your soul.” Advice you should heed if you’re too concerned with writing for the market. The long and the short of it is, the market is always changing. To embrace art, pursue freedom and independence of thought.

Why should writers pay attention to current trends in business thinking? Why, to me the answer is obvious -- writing is a business. 

2011/06 CreativeMornings with Jim Coudal from CreativeMornings Chicago on Vimeo.

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