Apr 10, 2012

What's Good on the Internet Today? Drones and Paper Mountains

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by Terence Blacker, The Independent

My favorite old fogey, Terence Blacker, sticks it to the corporate slavers that would turn us all into money-making robots.

Sample quote:
“To allow the apostles of drone-think to decide when we can take a day off, based on the effect on GDP, would be a final admission that we live essentially as economic units in service to the national economy.”  


by Adam Charles

www.iwritereadrate.com -- which I have supported from the start, because I like to spread good ideas -- is taking to the skies. This writing community is a place for writers AND readers to come together; no less importantly, it’s a place where you can publish, sell, and GROW.

The social potential of ebooks is opening up new possibilities for writers to build their platform and reach an audience,” say the fine peeps at iwritereadrate.
“For readers there are new ways of discovering ebooks, connecting directly with writers, discovering new stories and voices, and becoming a part of the writing process itself.
“iWriteReadRate is a community for these groups of literary people to meet, communicate, and share their love for the written word. The objective is to support writers and inspire readers - making what becomes a successful story or novel more democratic, more personal and more social.

Hit the link here for the rest of the press release.

by Kaity Nakagoshi at Susan Johnston’s The Urban Muse

I’ve been following the Urban Muse blog for quite a while, and it’s precisely because of posts like this.
If you’re at sea on Twitter or any other social network, this kind of level-headed advice will do you good.

Sample quote:
Participate in conversations. Social media is about listening and responding to others, not just talking about yourself. Building an audience is artificial; letting one gather around you is organic.

by Jason Boog, Galleycat

A nine-year-old built his own arcade… out of cardboard and random bits and bobs. That kid’s going to help conquer the solar system one day, I wager. Seeing is believing. Article includes video.


by Guy Laramee; a sneak peek at the future, using old books

Artist Guy Laramee’s history of the 23rd-century Chinese Empire will enter the annals of sculpture as the most insanely beautiful exercise in futurology. I think. Here’s a taste:

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