Mar 19, 2012

What's Good on the Internet Today? March 19, 2012

What’s Good on the Internet today? - A new, semi-regular feature where John Magnet Bell brings you articles/video and more about writing, life, inspiration and the arts. Feel free to suggest links for inclusion!

From the Harvard Business Review

Life’s too short. Are you stuck in a rut? Maybe you should focus on what you really want to do.

Sample quote:
Is a life crisis the ultimate emblem of privilege, bastion of those who don't have to worry about subsistence? While it's true that none of us are perfect, I'd suggest that there's a reason — beyond the infinite power of human superficiality — for our collective angst.
Here's my hypothesis…

From George Angus’s blog,

From Sylvia Plath to Hunter S. Thompson, by way of Dave Eggers. I haven’t read all o f them, but this article includes one of my favorite books, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. (Free .epub, .mobi and other formats from

From Coilhouse Magazine + Blog

Illustrator supreme and low-brow darling, Molly  observes that “the idea that you have to be a vegan saint to care about having a vaguely just world is just a way of making sure no-one does anything.”


A riveting slideshow of Cronenbergian goodness. Maybe NSFW. Certainly not safe for your mind.

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