Mar 26, 2012

What's Good on the Internet Today? Free Science Fiction & More

Free Science Fiction, Audio - Video & eBook formats
From Open Culture

The most excellent Dan Colman has published a roundup of free science fiction on the web, including Rudy Rucker’s Ware tetralogy and half a dozen of Philip K. Dick’s short stories. Most links will point you to Project Gutenberg, where you’ll find many more hidden gems, The White Feather Hex among them -- a sinister tale ripped from the black continuum that links Poe to Lovecraft.

Speaking of which, Old Man Abomination died 75 years ago and fans are… perhaps celebrating is not the right word… Anyway, they’re doing it the world over. Whatever it is.

Here’s my favorite HPL storyBy the way, Conan the Barbarian exists in the same fictional universe as Lovecraft’s nameless gods.

Insanely patient YouTuber who’s posted a total of 658 feature films and full-length documentaries on the site. Talk about dedication! Find the Science Fiction playlist right here.

by Shon Bacon, The Blood-Red Pencil

If you’re lucky enough to have an Android tablet, then do more with it. Let Bacon walk you through the discoveries she’s made: Mindjet, OneNote and OnLive Desktop.

by Shannon,

Talk about a dynamic duo. Shannon and Toni, who’ve been friends for twenty years, bring you tips on how to write a press release, where to send it and, get this, they put together a press release template (.doc file) you can use, free of charge. I say check it out.

by Rachelle Gardner, literary agent

Sample quote:
“The biggest mistake writers make with respect to their “publishing dreams” is hoping for that one big break that’s going to change their lives, allow them to quit their job, and propel them into the life of the full-time writer.”

Do you know what I like about Rachelle? She doesn’t feed you bullshit, that’s what.


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