Jan 11, 2012

Guest Prompt by @KellySGamble

The package had been addressed to me, removed from Dad's private safe just hours after his death.  My hands shook as I held the documents.  I was sure of their authenticity, but unsure of my responsibility to share them with the world.  They would change history.


What startling revelations might be tucked away with those papers? A photo of Hitler standing next to an alien creature at the Eagle's Nest? A letter from Teddy Roosevelt discussing the outcome of a secret American mission to the moon? Documented evidence of an iPhone... in the year 1914?


Kelly's fiction has won awards from Writers Weekly, Writers Courtyard, Women on Writing and the Ground Zero Literary Project. She is working on a historical novel about the Hoover Dam, and blogs about the oft-peculiar characters that gravitated toward the Dam during its construction. You can also connect with her on Twitter.

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