Dec 23, 2011

All My Yesterdays Will Come Crashing Down

At midnight she began to pray, bare knees on a granite slab, calling down flesh-rending pain on Viracocha’s women. Before dawn a timid breeze got tangled in her sea-green hair, and when the sun painted her cheeks Muni rose to put on grandfather’s armor of living steel and dragonbone.  


Please note: The next installment of What can they teach you about writing will not come out tomorrow, but next Wednesday.

I know it's a bit of a delay. To help you pass the time, please enjoy this exceedingly strange Christmas-themed video.

Have a bizarre (though not unpleasant) weekend, try to forget about your cholesterol levels and see you next week. Pray that the Yule Babirusas don't find me.
- John Magnet Bell

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